Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducts various examination among which 10th and 12th exams are the most prominent exams. CBSE conducts these examination mainly in the month of March. Candidates should prepare for the exams in both the ways i.e. Mentally and Psychologically. There are some instructions which should be followed by the participants in order to perform best in the exams.

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Regular Study RoutineRegular Study Routine :- Students who are preparing themselves for 10th and 12th board examination should follow a proper study chart which comprise of fix timing schedule for each and every subject. Mainly there are 8 to 10 subjects in the 10th board syllabus and around 5 optional (including compulsory) subjects in the 12th board syllabus. Aspirants should prepare a chart or routine schedule comprising of division of time for each and every subject.

Concentration PowerBuild Concentration Power :- Student should build Environment of concentration in the room or at the place where you usually carry on your studies. Study environment is free from every kind of distraction, no obstacle should be there, free from domestic noise like someone is calling for some work etc. Studies should be done in an pleasant environment.  Natural environment also plays an important role in making concentration. Wherever you study, the room or the place should be airy, natural air must be there. Students should not sit on bed or should not sleep on the bed while studying. Students should sit on a proper chair with proper posture.

Necessary Power NapNecessary Breaks :- While studying a 5 to10 min power nap is compulsory. It not only refresh the mind but it also led to do proper focus again on the subject you are reading. Subjects involving memorization, solving questions etc. requires breaks so that mind will not be overloaded with the repetition of some lines or paragraphs. In that particular break one can enjoy hearing Music, walking in the Garden or doing cooking. the best way of recharging your body is to take deep breath or fall asleep on the bed just like you are sleeping by feeling light and do not sleep.

Eating HabitsEating Habits :- It is proven in scientific studies also that eating habits also affects the concentration and studying power of the participants. candidates should at light food along fiber oriented food. While studying in night, candidates should take light dinner as heavy dinner leds to sleeping.

Sleeping Habits :-  Aspirants in the days of Exams avoid sleeping and continues their studies without taking proper rest. This is the very bad thing candidates perform. Participants specially in the time of examination must take proper rest as mental pressure in those days remains high and it can leds to loss of memorisation of answer and of practical questions.

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